Braddan School

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Yesterday, Key Stage 1 and Year 3 were very lucky to experience a 'From Cow to Carton' workshop with Jo from Isle of Man Creamery.

Key Stage 1 children had a great time learning how to use our local double cream to make fresh butter and buttermilk. We really enjoyed it. We had to really use our muscles by shaking the cream in a container and we also learned that milk is really good for our muscles after exercise because it contains the right nutrients for muscle repair. We learned that milk contains loads of nutrients that our bodies need. No wonder humans drink milk as babies when they are growing so quickly.

Key Stage 1 children tasted three different local cheeses: Red Leicester, Cracked Peppercorn and Vintage Cheddar. One child thought that they did not like cheese or butter but then they tasted them. Then they discovered that they like the cheese that is made in the Isle of Man and they were so excited! Another child thought that they only liked blue cheese and then they tried the cracked peppercorn cheese and thought it was delicious. After that, they discovered that they liked vintage cheddar even more! It was "Doubly Delicious!"


We used yellow multilink shaped like cubes of cheese to vote for our favourite cheese. Then we made a tally chart, pictograms and a bar chart to display our results.

We also did this word search.


Thank you IOM Creamery!