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How many books do you think you have you already read on Reading Eggs/ Reading Eggspress? Miss Curphey is checking every week to see which class reads the most books on Reading Eggs/ Reading Eggspress. To read books on Reading Eggs/ Reading Eggspress, click 'My Programme' and it will bring you to the next page where you can see your library of books to read. You can also access books through the library icon.

When you read books on Reading Eggs, you can read the books by yourself or select 'Read to Me' so that the book is read aloud to you. This is very useful for children learning to read. You will need to do the quiz after you read the book but you can click back through the pages of the books to help you to answer the questions.

Would you believe that this is the Reading Eggs account for a child in Year 2? They have already read 134 books on Reading Eggs and completed Reading Eggs. They are starting Reading Eggspress now because they are so good at reading. No wonder they are when they have read so many books and worked so hard on developing their reading skills!