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Learning From Home –

advice for parents when self-isolating or during school closures

It is really important to try and follow a daily routine, for example

Reception and years 1 and 2

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6


Academic Time

Maths games such as snakes and ladders or board games, worksheets etc

Phonics/Literacy- writing activities, learning phonics and words, board games, dominos lots of reading together.

( no electronics during this period)

Maths activities – learning times tables, problem solving, telling the time, working out change using coins.

Board games, card games.


Outdoor Play or a walk/ bike ride if able

Look for signs of spring; Play in the garden; Go to the plantation and beaches; Make dens; Look closely at nature; go on a bug hunt; Make fairy/dinosaur homes; Using natural materials create art work.

Play ball games, tip, hide & seek, skipping etc.


Creative time

Drawing, painting, crafting, music and movement; Cooking and baking; Lego building; construction; Role Play; Play dough etc



Eat together.

Help with any jobs around the house.

Relaxation time - ‘Peace Out’ for guided meditation or ‘Cosmic Kids’ for yoga (both available on youtube)


Outdoor Play

Play in the garden.

If able go out to the forest, plantations, railway line, beaches etc

Play on bikes, scooters etc if you are able.

Look at nature and wildlife and signs of change.

Help with gardening/ planting. Play ball games, skipping etc.

Use chalk for making marks outside.

Writing – keeping a diary; writing stories; making a newspaper.

Think about individual writing targets! (handwriting; sentence structure; spelling; impact on the reader)

Practice spellings

Reading – talk about what’s been read, ask questions and discuss.

2pm-3.30 Academic time

Can include Electronics

Number games, reading, writing and phonics online activities.

This can include: Reading eggs, Top Marks Maths, Times Tables Rock Star. Dough Disco (on youtube)

Science - BBC live lessons; Terrific Scientific; How it Works – find out more about things you are interested in – or have a go at some Kitchen Science.

Electronics time – Reading Eggspress; MyMaths; Times Tables

Year Group Specific Activities / Links– can be found on each ‘class’ page on our website.

Click the links below to go straight to your child's class page.

Reception Class

Key Stage 1

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Useful sites and resources - this site has a huge range of resources that you can download and use

mymaths – each child should have a login for this site, where home learning is regularly set. There are a number of additional activities that children can do.

Reading eggs and reading eggspress - all children also have a login for this great site - which provides a structured approach for children to develop their reading skills.

Reading at home - keep reading! What a great opportunity to curl up with a book and practice your reading skills.

There are a wide number of books online to read and to listen to;

There are a lot of really educational videos available online including on Youtube- however it is REALLY important to monitor what your child is doing online.

During any whole school closures we will post activities and lessons onto each class page on our website.

We will also open access to our ‘itslearning’ platform- here they will be able to access lessons to supplement the activities above. (more details to follow)

We understand that every family is different and you may or may not be able to engage in activities. However, we would expect that during normal school time children are engaging in learning activities to keep up to date with basic reading, writing and maths skills.

You may be able to get out and about with your child whilst maintaining social distancing - but it will be important that your child doesn’t play out as normal.

You can contact the school via but please remember we may not be able to answer your queries immediately.

Thank you

Mrs Oates and all the Braddan Team