Braddan School

Learning Together

To help celebrate Isle of Man LitFest the children at Braddan School took part in writing a whole school story. There were lots of imaginative ideas!

Fairy Bridge

Year Two

Once upon a time Braddan School went to visit the Manx Fairy Bridge. Mrs Oates called the minibus and it arrived in the car park. We lined up in the playground and hopped on to visit this new, exciting place. It was really bumpy all the way there and one of the Year Two children began to feel sick. Rhys’ face was full of excitement as he had never visited the bridge before. As the minibus headed towards its destination, it made a sudden stop!

Year Three

A man stepped into the road to try to save his sheep. One had fallen down a hole made by a bulldozer. The driver got out of the minibus to help the farmer get his sheep but he fell down the hole. The children all got out of the minibus and found a rope to let down into the hole so they were able to pull everyone out and continue the journey to the fairy bridge.

Year Four

Suddenly, an evil wizard came out of the trees and made a giant gap in the road. However, the children were able to outsmart the wizard by reversing the bus and driving around the gap. When they arrived, they saw a sparkling, magical fairy who squeaked, "Welcome to the Fairy Bridge, enjoy your stay.” After that, many dazzling fairies appeared and flew around the children’s heads until they were completely dizzy! Then a swarm of beautiful butterflies joined in – the children had never seen anything so amazing in their whole lives.

Year Six

The children were so mesmerised by the butterflies, they followed their trail alongside the river. Suddenly, the ground underneath their feet became dry and dusty. It was almost as if they were walking on sand. The path was leading them towards a gate in a wall. They couldn’t believe how big the gate was. It was as tall as Laxey Wheel and as wide as the Ben My Chree. When they reached it, the children were surprised to see that the gate was unlocked. Miss Reeday pushed the gate gently and it swung open. The children were very surprised when they saw what was behind it.

Year Five

Behind the gate was another Braddan School. It was covered by a great white mist. All of a sudden lots of evil teachers came through the doors and began to shout. “What is two times two?” cried one. “And then we shall let you pass. But if you get it wrong, we shall not let you pass. Here are some more questions for you. What’s 10 x 10? And what’s 12 x 12?”

Miss Reeday yelled the answers with the children eager to get in and see what the other school was like. When they managed to get in it was the opposite of the normal Braddan School. It was untidy, dirty and covered in spiders and cobwebs. When Miss Reeday looked closely, the teachers were actually ghosts! The spiders were actually the pupils! They were trapped in the school and had to find a way to get out. Ghost Mrs Corlett shouted “Don’t touch those spiders!” The children tried to escape but Ghost Mrs Corlett stopped them. Miss Reeday saw a portal. She told the children to go inside the portal. It brought them back to the bus. Miss Reeday shouted, “Get on the bus!” All the children got onto the bus and a few of the fairies made a spell that got Miss Reeday, the children and the minibus back to Braddan. Phew!