Braddan School

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Dear Braddan Community

I am able to confirm arrangements for drop of and collection of pupils on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.

For all arrivals, (with the exception of new reception pupils) the registration period will be extended with drop off times will be between 8.45 – 9.30am.

I would urge people to care share wherever possible.

1. Children travelling to and from school by bus will still be able to do so, with crossing supervision in place (following regular bus times).

2. Children will be able to arrive on foot, either directly from home, or with parents safely parked elsewhere and walking – but we urge all children to be accompanied by an adult on these days as the pavement works are not yet fully completed. Children can depart on foot either being collected by a parent from 3pm onwards, or walking home unaccompanied at 3.30pm

3. The majority of children arrive by car. We ask that you pull into the new bus layby, where a member of staff will meet your car and help children exit, and children will be directed into the main playground. It is vital that you ‘drop and go’ in order to keep traffic flowing.

4. For children travelling home by car, the children will be transported by bus from Braddan School to the Ballafletcher Sports Ground at 3.00pm.

5. Children attending after school provision (Kid’s United) will also be collected from the Ballafletcher Sports Ground by the after school provider.

It is important that we know if your child will be walking home alone, taking the school bus, being collected by an adult on foot, or being collected from Ballafletcher Sports Club.

Please ensure that your child knows what to expect. We will check with the children across the day to see how they are travelling home – and we will contact you if your child is unsure. Alternatively, a quick email to the office would be helpful if you will be collecting on foot; or if your child is walking on their own.

For parents of children starting in Reception Class. We are sorry. It isn’t the start we would hope for. However, you can drop your child off for their sessions via the main car park, bringing your child directly into the reception playground where a member of staff will meet you. The only difference to these sessions is that morning sessions will start at 9.30am, to help avoid traffic congestion.

We are aware of lots of Reception pupils with older siblings this year. You may drop off at 9.30am, parking in the main car park. At the end of the day older siblings will wait with their younger siblings for collection from the reception classroom at 3.30pm.

If your child’s needs are not covered within these arrangements please let us know as soon as possible.

My main message to you all is to travel with care. Don’t worry about being late, don’t take unnecessary risks. You may find yourself sitting in the traffic, please just be patient. We know this may impact on start times for work for some of you, and apologise for any inconvenience this matter may be causing.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Oates