Braddan School

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Schools all across the Isle of Man are continually monitoring how they are doing using a wide range of measures, supported and monitored by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture.

Data relating to pupil achievement for the current year is shown below.

Obviously this is just a snapshot, and does not reflect the progress made be individuals, across the whole curriculum.

EYFS Good Level of Development 71.3%
End of Key Stage One Level 2+ Level 3+
Speaking and Listening 100% 0
Reading 94% 6%
Writing 94% 0
Maths 94% 0
Science 100% 17%
End of Key Stage Two Level 4b+ Level 5
Speaking and Listening 78% 9%
Reading 91% 21%
Writing 39% 26%
Maths 70% 13%
Science 96% 26%