Braddan School

Show Respect ~ Learn Together ~ Try Your Best

Try your best. Show respect. Learn together.

We have had a busy week for learning this week at Braddan School.

In Starfish Class, the Star of the Week has been spotted by so many of their friends making great choices. They are a kind friend who learns well with others.

The Plankton Star of the Week is always ready to learn! They are kind and look after their friends. As they are great at focusing well, they learn quickly and effectively.

The Coral Star of the Week is making great choices for learning and behaviour and they are demonstrating the school values. Coral Class are very proud of their Star of the Week!

In Seals Class, the Star of the Week always tries their best and they are really kind. Mrs Roberts is so proud of them.

The Dogfish Star of the Week is someone who has amazing friendships skills. They are a great role model for how to be kind to others!

The Orca star of the week is starring in 'Oliver' at the Gaiety Theatre this weekend! He is working really hard at school even though he is feeling tired from rehearsals after school. What amazing dedication!

Three people were awarded the Lunchtime Awards by the lunchtime ancillaries. They were chosen for their consideration and respect for our youngest learners in the school.


Mr Chapple awarded his Headteacher Award to a learner who has impressed him with their excellent manners and positive attitude to learning. This learner always tries their best!