Braddan School

Show Respect ~ Learn Together ~ Try Your Best

Try your best. Show respect. Learn together

We are delighted to be back at school after a very busy TT! The children have been impressing their teachers with their fantastic learning attitudes. It was so tricky to choose just one Star of the Week from each class as we could have chosen so many children. You should be very proud of the first Stars of the Week for the last half-term of this academic year, we certainly are! Two children were spotted being excellent role manners for showing respect at lunchtime and the lunchtime ancillaries were delighted to give them Lunchtime Awards.


This young person was chosen to be awarded the Headteacher Award for being a Tryatops, Sharedactyl and Respectasaurus. They have really impressed us with the care and consideration that they have for our school environment and their commitment to improving it for everyone!