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Keeping your child safe on the internet

At Braddan School, we believe that e-safety (digital safeguarding) is really important and your child is taught how to stay safe online. Children are never too young for regular chats about keeping safe online. Many young children are using smartphones (their own or other family member's devices), i-pads/tablets and computers. We know that the internet can be a fun and educational tool to explore together but it is really important to make informed choices to keep your child safe.

Set parental controls on your home broadband. Most internet enabled devices will allow you to set parental controls, allowing you too manage what your child sees and who they can communicate with. Remember that children can gain access to the internet through TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and many other electronic devices. It is important that parental controls are set on all of the devices that your child may access.

Set passwords on all of your internet-enabled devices and make sure that you do not share these with your child. This way you can be in control of when and where they can use the internet. Only allow children to access the internet in family areas so that you can keep an eye on what your child is doing.

Set the home screen of any web-browsers to a child-friendly website that your child enjoys. Allow your child to only use child-safe internet search engines. This will allow your child to search the internet without the worry that they will come across something inappropriate or scary. The internet is an amazing tool that will be a huge part of your child's life. Encourage your child to ask if they are unsure and never to talk online to people that they do not know. Educating your child on how to stay safe online will keep them safe now and in the future.

Download our guidance documents here to read about supporting young people online, and how to help guide them when using social networking sites.

Online safety.pdf Smartphone-Safety-tips.pdf Monkey info.pdf Managing screen-time.pdf

supporting_young_people_online.pdfyoung_people_and_social_networking_.pdf PEGI_Leaflet.pdfOnline_gaming_an_introduction_for_parents_and_carers_2017.pdf

OMEGLE info Wizz app information anime.pd

If you would like a paper copy of these please ask at the school office.