Braddan School

Show Respect ~ Learn Together ~ Try Your Best

Our School Vision sets out what we want our School to be like, based on what we feel is really important to help the whole school community be as successful as it can be. All aspects of the work we do in school aim to work towards that vision.

In order to help our children also work towards this, we have distilled the vision down into three key values -

Show Respect ~ Learn Together ~ Try Your Best

At Braddan School, we aim to develop well rounded, confident life-long learners who aspire to do their best and feel proud to be part of our school community. We do this by fostering a wellbeing environment where everyone feels welcomed, positive, safe, supported and equally valued.

Our coaching-culture empowers everyone to be resilient, reflective learners, who are willing to take responsibility and ownership of their learning. We encourage children to be proud of their progress and achievements whilst nurturing the freedom and curiosity to ask questions, reflect on feedback, solve problems and make their own decisions about how to challenge and direct their learning and skills.

We ensure that all pupils are supported in their learning and that all individual needs are met. We plan and provide high quality stimulating learning opportunities which interest, motivate and challenge pupils.

All staff and pupils embrace our shared vision and values. We have high expectations for attitude, behaviour and learning which are supported by consistent approaches across the school.

Staff are committed to being positive and consistent role models for the children, leading by example and encouraging respectful attitudes towards each other, the school environment and wider community. We are motivated to do the best for our children.

An essential aspect in the success of our school is fostering a culture of respect and good relationships built upon honest, regular and effective communication between children, staff and parents. We use avenues of communication that are open and accessible to ensure that every member of our school community has their voice heard and valued.

A key aim of our vision is that children in our care leave Braddan school happy, inspired, confident and equipped with the skills, resilience, attitude and understanding to flourish in the world around them.