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Being on time for school is extremely important. School starts at 8.55am, with children going straight into learning activities. Being 'just' 10 minutes late every day loses over 31 and a half hours of teaching over a school year. We expect that as parents and carers you set good routines with your children and set the example that being on time is important.

The subject of time off for children during term time is always one that raises lots of discussion. At Braddan, we follow the Department's policy and guidance, and therefore do not authorise family holidays during term time unless parents are key workers (i.e. members of the emergency services or hospital workers.) We understand that children can learn a lot from travelling to different places, and of course it is important to spend time visiting family too. However we ask that this be done during school holiday time. Sometimes it may just not be possible for you to take holidays out of term time, and whilst we hope you have a lovely time, we still can't authorise them.

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